Kinder People
I would like to introduce my Kinder People (named by my mother).  I've been drawing them forever and I have begun sharing them with the world. I hope you enjoy them.
  1. Catching Buterflies
    Catching Buterflies
  2. Friends
  3. Bathtime
  4. Hey Batta Batta
    Hey Batta Batta
  5. Smell the Flowers
    Smell the Flowers
  6. Making Wishes
    Making Wishes
  7. Playing With Bubbles
    Playing With Bubbles
  8. Flying
  9. Playing With Bubble Again
    Playing With Bubble Again
  10. Not Just A Player
    Not Just A Player
  11. Sunflower Farmer
    Sunflower Farmer
  12. Cancer Free!
    Cancer Free!
  13. Wedding Guests
    Wedding Guests
  14. How Does Your Garden Grow
    How Does Your Garden Grow
  15. Jump
  16. Lampadaire
  17. Super Z
    Super Z
  18. Angel